​Sustainability Management

Support the welfare of employees

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FM is interested in the physical, emotional, and financial stability of employees and designs welfare to support them in all aspects of their lives. It also provides various benefits such as a solid retirement pension system and flexible time off (FTO) to motivate employees to maintain vitality and immerse themselves.

Provide learning and development opportunities

FM provides a variety of opportunities for employees to develop their capabilities and develop their careers. There are a variety of opportunities, from virtual education and classroom training courses for all employees to optional leadership development programs to help them capture and nurture potential leaders internally.

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Leading the way in ethics and honesty


Reputation is one of FM's most important assets. In addition to the standards required by the laws and regulations applicable within FM, we also comply with the principles of FM, which are the basis for exceeding our customers' expectations.

To serve the community and create positive social impact

FM works with non-profit organizations, startups, businesses and employees to create a positive impact on their mission to help more people gain financial stability and opportunities in the community.


Manage the environmental impact of FM


FM understands that stable environmental management is central to the business, important to employees and customers, and key to a stable future. FM strives to separate the growth and environmental impact of the company and increase operational efficiency and elasticity in the operation process.